Student Code of Conduct

Students should always:

  1. Observe the Sunnah – the example of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh)
  2. Wear the Sunnah dress
  3. Always wear the correct uniform
  4. Show respect to all teachers and elders
  5. Address their teachers with the correct title
  6. Be kind and courteous to fellow students and visitors
  7. Keep the school clean and tidy
  8. Move around the school in a respectable manner
  9. Be prompt for classes
  10. Always bring the correct stationary
  11. Show dedication for knowledge
  12. Complete their homework
  13. After lesson, ensure that class room is tidy & clean

Students should never:

  1. Use innapropriate language
  2. Be rude to teachers in any way
  3. Break any school rule
  4. Talk back to the teacher
  5. Disobey the teacher
  6. Raise their voice with the teacher
  7. Damage property or talk ill of the school
  8. Be in possession of a mobile phone during school time
  9. Abuse a teacher, fellow student or visitor