School Uniform

The Woodstock Girls’ School Uniform is:

  • Black ankle-length Abaya, Jilbaab or Kamees which takes the following into consideration:
    • Should be loose fitting
    • Must not be see-through
    • Should have full-length sleeves up to the wrists
    • Must not contain embroidery, embelishments or trimmings
    • Kamees must be comfortably below the knees
    • Any slits on garments must begin at least a quarter way down the thigh
  • Black formal trousers
  • Black Scarf with no tassels, sequins, edgings
  • Black full-length socks
  • Black low-heeled formal shoes (or boots, if required in winter)
  • Black cardigan (if required)
  • Black coat or jacket

The Woodstock Girls’ School PE Uniform is:

  • Black full-sleeved, knee-length top
  • Black full-length bottoms
  • Black one piece headscarf (which does not require a pin to fasten)
  • Black full-length socks
  • Black trainers

The Woodstock Girls’ School Dress Code for a non-uniform day is:

  • Tops should be non-transparent, loose, full-sleeved and at least knee-length
  • Trousers should be non-transparent, loose and ankle-length
  • Shoes must be low-heeled

NB: Hijab buns are against our Uniform & Appearance policy, and hence, not allowed in school.

Items unacceptable in the school:

  1. Any type of jewellery, make-up
  2. Any type of denim or leather jackets
  3. Designer tops and jumpers with logos and prints


All students must bring the following stationary with them to the school every day:

  1. Black, Blue, Purple and Green Pen
  2. Pencil & Sharpener
  3. Rubber
  4. Ruler
  5. Geometry Set
  6. Calculator
  7. Dictionary