School Fees

School Fee Categories:

Fee Amount Details
Application & Initial Assessment Payable when submitting an application
Admission fee £50 Payable when a child is offered a place at the school)
Resources fee £125 – £175 Payable at the beginning of each academic year to cover initial cost of text books and teaching resources
Tuition fee (2017-2018) £2000 Payable via Direct Debit or BACS
  • Please note: Fees are subject to change based upon the projected costs to be incurred in the operation and management of the school. Parents/Guardians will be informed of any impending changes at the earliest opportunity.

Additional costs

The School will provide the required textbooks for each subject at the beginning of each academic year; the cost of which is covered by the resources fee.

Based on the content being covered in the academic year, it may be necessary to purchase further text books during the course of the year. The cost of these will not be covered by the resources fee and Parents/Guardians will be made aware of the costs if and when necessary.

The school’s policy is to offer to each student as wide a range of educational opportunities as possible. These may include educational trips e.g. a visit to place of scientific interest. Where an opportunity is offered involving expenditure above and beyond the basic requirements of the curriculum, Parents/Guardians are invited to make a voluntary contribution towards the cost. This is done subject to the following:

  • Parents/Guardians are notified in writing about the activity, the charge and the fact that it is voluntary.
  • The cost will almost always include a subsidy from the school funds
  • Whilst, for the guidance of Parents/Guardians, an amount is always specified; approach in confidence, for individual assistance. This request may be made to the Head Teacher or the Chair of Governors.

Decisions in the above matters are the responsibility of the Governing body. Approaches are always considered sympathetically, on the basis of need and with a view to the potential benefit of an activity for the student concerned.