Leave for Holiday

The school strongly discourages Parents/Guardians from taking their children out of the school during school days as this can prove detrimental for their progress and achievement.

In a case of emergency, Parents/Guardians wishing to take their child out of school must fill in the ‘Permission for Leave’ form. This form is available at request from the school reception. Failure to do so will entail a re-admission fee and possible expulsion.
Parents/Guardians are obliged to pay the school fee during the period of their child’s absence from the school.

Taking your child out during school hours

If in an emergency you need to take your child out during school hours then you need to phone the office for authorisation from the Head Teacher. Students will not be allowed to leave without a Parent/Guardian coming to collect them. Photo ID may be requested. This is because we are responsible for the child’s safety during school hours. If your child has an appointment then a letter must be sent with the child to that effect. And again you must come in, register her way out and collect the child.