Student Health & Safety

All students have a responsibility to themselves and others to act at all times in such a manner as to minimise the possibility of an accident and to ensure the health and safety of those around them. Special safety rules apply in specialised areas, e.g. Laboratories, Sports areas, Art and Canteen areas.
In particular:

  • There should be no running in or around the building.
  • Doors must not be left to swing; they should be closed carefully or held open for those following behind.
  • School bags should be kept close to the tables or left neatly stored on the hangers provided. They must not be left where they may cause an obstruction.
  • There should be no standing on desks or chairs.
  • All litter must be placed in the bins provided.
  • No glass bottles may be brought into school.
  • Mains powered electrical equipment from home must not be brought into school on any occasion.
  • Students must ensure that they exercise great care and attention in the car parks, using the walk-ways as far as possible.
  • No cigarettes, alcohol, drugs or substances intended for misuse may be brought into school.