Behaviour Policy

Rewards Policy

To ensure pupils achieve at School we use both incentives and deterrents:

Rewards Policy

A number of awards are made in school. These include: certificates awarded for attendance and punctuality, letters of commendation for greater effort or improvement in work, prizes and certificates for excellent work during the year and in examinations. We also employ a merit system where points are awarded to students for improvement and/or high standards in all aspects of school life. When the appropriate numbers of points have been earned, a certificate is issued.

In addition, during the annual ceremony, prizes are awarded in each subject for each year group for achievement, and a number of prizes in each year group for effort.

Discipline Policy

A full copy of the discipline policy is available on request from the school reception. The following is a brief outline of some of the disciplinary measures employed by the school:

After school detentions

Pupils may sometimes be given detention after school. Prior notice will always be given so that the pupil may inform Parents/Guardians. Staff are always willing to explain the reason for a detention hence Parents/Guardians are more than welcome to enquire.

Statement of Behaviour

Any pupil causing serious disruption will be sent to the Head Teacher and placed on the Head Teacher’s Report. Failure to rectify behaviour during or after the report will result in a suspension.

Head Teacher’s Report

There are times when a pupil’s work or behaviour needs to be closely monitored each day. A pupil ‘on report’ is given a grade for each lesson on each aspect of her behaviour and academic progress, which is then checked by the Head Teacher.


If a pupil behaves in a manner that is deemed to be completely unacceptable, the school reserves the right to exclude the pupil  indefinitely. Exclusion occurs very rarely and is only implemented as a last resort, after having considered all other avenues.