Welcome from the Head Teacher

Based in the heart of the community, Woodstock Girls’ School is a vibrant and innovative place of learning. Our aim is to deliver an outstanding, academic education to our students whilst simultaneously nurturing them spiritually and morally through Islamic tarbiyyah.

The school has been established since 1997 but has also undergone structural changes since September 2016; from Management, right the way through to the newly furbished building. This has resulted in the culmination of a Secondary school that has extremely high standards and expectations for its’ pupils especially in terms of behaviour and achievement.

Woodstock Girls’ School is a school in which Staff have high aspirations and Parents/Guardians are confident to entrust their girls’ education to.

I am honoured to be the Head Teacher of a school that is embarking on a journey to excel and exceed expectations; where quality teaching and quality learning are intrinsic to its values.

Our aspirations and aims for the school are to provide the Girls at Woodstock an excellent education – not just a formal education but one which reflects their Islamic heritage; legacy and tarbiyyah, harmoniously with their identity as responsible citizens of Britain.

We want them to come to school inspired and leave school better prepared for life as a British Muslimah in the UK; to feel empowered and knowledgeable; to go on to make positive decisions for their futures and in the words of our Beloved Prophet Muhammad (peace and blessings be upon him), be a “. . .benefit to the rest of mankind.” (Dâraqutni)

Mrs Na’zihah Ahmed-Atif